About XP Gain

I started XP Gain an as experiment.

Back in the day I considered studying journalism. I even toured colleges with that in mind. At some point I shifted to focusing on music and filmmaking. While the love for movies and TV was apart of my career path, a love I had equal to those was for video games. Outside of my professional life you can always find me deep into absorbing content in a matter of ways. Watching flicks, playing games, reading articles, or sparking up a conversation about these topics with anyone who will listen. I had plenty to say about pop culture, but never put “pen to paper” and thus XP Gain was born.

I want XP Gain to be an open place for discussion. I love games. I love movies. I love TV shows. Games like Goldeneye 007 shaped my life, and I was equally as effected by the disastrous Star Wars prequels. Movies impact me on a deep level. When I’m addicted to a game I day-dream about it and can’t wait to dive back in. I want to share my opinions with everyone, and let everyone share their opinions with me. You hate a movie I love? Let’s talk about it – make me know why it sucks.

While writing consistently is the main goal of this site, I’m testing a lot of smaller things with it as well. Seeing what people like interests me, so I obsessively track what articles are getting clicks, and which ones are falling flat. I have ads on the site, and while some level of profit would be cool, I’m more interested in seeing what type of person goes for ads, and what type of piece attracts those people. I love posting something, and then taking the link and spreading it via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Reddit and more. I get a kick out of everything about this site, and am thankful I have the time to have it as a hobby.

For the most part I’ll be the main writer for the site. I’ve had a few people contribute a couple of times, and those people will likely keep posting occasionally, but 95% of the time, you’re stuck with me.

And that’s really all there is to say. I hope you’re enjoying what XP Gain offers. Feel free to shoot me an email with any comments, suggestions, or if you’d like to write something – scott@xpgain.com – and I’ll try to get back to you as fast as humanly possible. I’m all ears.