What a fantastically bad film.

This is absolutely no reason that I should hate this movie. It stars a bunch of actors I’m a big fan of. It comes from a director whose last film was smart, unique, and wonderfully crafted. And most importantly of all, it’s a Marvel film! Yet Fantastic Four proves to be one of the worst films I’ve seen in a while. From top to bottom, the film is assembled in an utterly poor manner.

From the simple origin story (that barely progresses before the films finish), to the weak script and underutilized actors, the film is a complete me. Dialogue is quite bad, and the takes used feel like they belong in a deleted scenes montage, or else on the cutting room floor – nothing here does any justice to the cast involved. It’s all very bland and lifeless. This extends to the rest of the film as well – pacing is mind-boggling, special effects are disappointing considering the genre and budget (even makeup effects are shitty), and the score could’ve been purchased for $79 from a stock music site.

I know there has been a big hullabaloo about this film’s creative process and production – director Josh Trank himself has been outspoken that the studio delivered a product that wasn’t his original vision. While that might be true, the version we have doesn’t contain anything of value, and I have to imagine that much of what I saw came from Trank’s direction. It’s just plain bad all around.

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