It Follows takes an early lead for the best horror movie of 2015.

First and foremost, try not to read anything about this film – just go and see it! This is a film best delivered with limited knowledge. To preserve that, even this review won’t go into the plot.

Written and directed by David Robert Mitchell, It Follows is one of those rare films that couples its small budget with unique, original ideas to create a fantastic horror film. The film stars Maika Monroe, from last year’s genre gem The Guest, with support from Keir Gilchrist, Daniel Zovatto, and a handful of other indie actors you might recognize.

As mentioned, I won’t go into the plot, but this is definitely one of the most entertaining and creative horror films of recent memory. Rarely do films make me jump, but It Follows has a fair share of genuine scares. It’s disturbing to no end, with a premise that left me wondering what sick and twisted producer had the gall to let this go into production. It’s super dark, yet parallels so many common coming of age elements that it is ultimately brilliant. The cast wonderfully delivers on fulfilling their caricatures of typical teenage stereotypes, as do the scenarios and locations presented.

Cinematography, music, and sound design are all hugely successful, and work hand-in-hand to supplement the intense genre story on display. Direction from Mitchell is unique, and the film most certainly has it’s own purposeful feel for each sequence.

The one downfall to It Follows, is that I think the review hype and subsequent Twitter rants about its greatness are a little overdone. Don’t get me wrong, It Follows is really, really great. It will probably be one of my favorites of this year. But I don’t know that it is the messiah of horror films some are making it out to be, nor the kickstart of genre films we got with something like The Cabin in the Woods.

Still, It Follows is something to seek out, especially now that it has expanded to more theaters. It’s always great to see that happen, and I’m curious to see where David Robert Mitchell goes from here.


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