The Apple Watch has arrived!

For the last several years, I’ve loved┬ábeing at the forefront of things I’m interested in. Whether it’s seeing a movie opening day, or playing a game after getting it at a midnight release. The same goes for tech. Current-gen consoles were a day one purchase for me, and I regret not picking up a Wii U earlier. The same can be said for me and Apple products. For the last few generations, I’ve had new MacBooks and iPhones at launch, although let’s forget the mishap with my business line that left me waiting for my iPhone 6 Plus to arrive.

And now the Apple Watch has been released! I’ve been a fan of wearables for a while now, having had a variety of Fitbits, but have desperately been waiting for something with a little more meat to it. Enter the Apple Watch!

Above I’ve posted an unboxing and setup video, with a few initial impressions. Since I was waiting for that to record and upload, I’ve played around with the watch a bit more. So far it’s been very responsive, and I’ve been able to customize it all to my liking, including a pretty sweet main watch face. I’ve killed about 10% of the battery after a couple of hours of heavy use, so I’m satisfied with that so far. Apps work well on it, and I’ve used the messaging and notifications a bit. I can see how overkill of notifications could be an issue, but using it for quick text replies is definitely handy. The few games I played on it worked well, and I can imagine using it discreetly in some meetings or when I’m in tight spaces like a train or bus.

I’m definitely curious to see where developers take the Apple Watch. So far I’m digging it. The haptic feedback is really cool, pinging you when you should look at your watch. How much I’ll actually take advantage of it all remains to be seen, but for first impressions, I’m really into it.