List of Shame is a new featureĀ I’ll be posting where I’ll gradually scratch movies, games, shows and more off my dreadfully long backlog of great things I’ve missed out on. In light of the Gamescom news that a PS4 edition is on the way, I’ll start with the beloved Vita game, something I just finished, Tearaway.

As a guilty late comer to the PS Vita, I’ve had quite the number of games added to my list of shame, and hope to try and experience many of them in the lull before the incoming wave of fall console titles. Being an exclusively Vita (until the other day) title, Tearaway was near the top of my must plays for Vita. As soon as I was able to track down a Vita – which has become a hard thing to do – I went to the dreaded GameStop to get their last copy of the game so I could start playing immediately.

Like most of the games I’ve found the Vita has to offer, Tearaway is a gem. Featuring visuals styled in that of paper craft, the game feels handmade and personal, and follows the whimsical story of a letter that comes to life as it needs to be delivered. After the opening sequence you’re allowed to design your own paper craft art pieces and use them to interact with the levels, as well as to customize your character and further personalize your experience.




A PS4 version of the game was just announced, and I’ll be very curious to see how it comes out, and the original Tearaway was built from the ground up for the Vita. Controls are precise and tight for the platforming gameplay, and the use of the front and back touchscreens is the best I’ve experienced yet. The front is used for menus and designing your works of art, while the front and back is used to interact with the environment, allowing you to slap the touchpad and bounce your character, break through walls and more. Motion controls also are used, and not in a gimmicky fashion. They’re fun and never hinder the experience.

Tearaway is an instantly addicting experience. The gameplay is wonderful, and progresses at a brisk pace. Environments are fun and unique, and you’re actively gaining new powers and abilities that let you explore more of each level and find hidden secrets. There are plenty of secrets through out each level, and as soon as I had finished the game I jumped back into each level to work towards the games Platinum trophy.




Yes, I got that trophy. It’s not the most difficult Platinum out there, but it definitely is one of the most enjoyable I’ve found. Every trophy is exploration and skill based, and not grueling so. None of them are grindy, which is a refreshing change from having just played Lumines and Resistance: Burning Skies, both of which have a number of excellent trophies, and then a remaining group that require a grind.

I really regret not pulling the trigger on the Vita earlier. Games like Tearaway are unique and can only be found on that platform. It was nearly impossible to find a Vita in stores and online without having to pay a significant price hike, so hopefully the system is on an upswing. If you have a Vita or a way to get your hands on one, do so, and check out Tearaway.