Note: Photos contain spoilers!

Thanks to everyone who submitted a photo to our contest! We received close to 200 entries, and some of them were stunning. Now it’s time to announce the winners!

I was hoping to include a gallery of some of the other great images to go with this post, but was overwhelmed by the number of photos sent in. After selecting the two winning photos I’ve started to organize the others we think you need to see, but those will come at a later date.

Without further ado, here are the winning photos – each winner will receive a $20 PSN code!


1. AlphaPot (via Reddit)



2. Shank_ (via Reddit)



I really loved both of these images, and both came from Reddit users! The first from AlphaPot has such beautiful lighting and the use of the black and white filter really adds to the pain and bleak outlook from Joel during the moment. The second winner comes from Shank_ and is a fantastic capture of Joel and Ellie’s escape near the end of the game, one of my favorite and most powerful scenes. Seeing the gunman chasing them really enforces how much Ellie has come to mean to Joel, and the anguish and fear is present on Joel’s face as he sprints.

I was really impressed with all the entries. If I can manage to scrounge up some more PSN cards, other wise we’ll be sure to have another contest in the near future.

Congrats again to AlphaPot and Shank_!